The Other Side of the Coin

Jeffery used Mormon Doctrine as a template for listing objections to evolution. I thought I would post on the other side of the coin--what evolution is. I do not claim to be an expert on evolutionary biology or history--there are probably other ways to lay it out, but to start with I will use the way Ernst Mayr breaks down Darwin's theory of evolution in What Evolution Is.

1. Nonconstancy of species
2. Descent of all organisms from common ancestors
3. Gradualness of evolution
4. Multiplication of species
5. Natural selection

For the purposes of our discussion I am adding several concepts that are implicit in the above but play a prominent role in doctrinal discussion.

6. Abiogenesis
7. Undirected nature of evolution
8. Millions of years of reproduction and death
9. Universal Flood (lack thereof)
10. Geographical Origin and Migration of Humans

Some of these concepts are more controversial than others. Also some are accepted to some degree. For example, #1 doesn't seem like it would be a problem for most people.

In our discussions and as appropriate, I recommend that we try to be specific as to what aspects of evolution we are dealing with.




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